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Seminar Summary
Optimize your skills and your development results with CyberTools training seminars. Be more productive today - jump start your next development project.

Blending lecture presentations with hands-on lab exercises, these seminars emphasize a comprehensive, practical approach to building your application development skills. We bring you relevant, professional education that builds careers and businesses.

We customize for a specific application or interest, so training includes examples from your own development environment. Class size is limited to promote individualized instruction.

You eliminate the real costs of not training. And with our expert tutoring, you'll become more productive in all your programming and user interface design work.

Our training doesn't end when you leave the classroom. We provide free post-training support over the phone for students to reinforce their new skills.

Your site or ours
Check our schedule for seminars held regularly in the Boston area. Or, choose your training dates and reduce the costs and inconvenience of travel by training your staff as a team at your site.


Course Content:
Human Factors and Design
How much data can people really handle at a time? What design is appropriate for different categories of users? Ergonomic sorfware; designing the window; basic aesthetics; "the ultimate window"; the world's worst window"; prototyping; designing for errors; professional education.

How best to learn CyberTools; principles of recursive and re-entrant code: "CyberM is built in CyberM"; general architecture; parameters; the potential of hypertext; effective development of an entire application in this technology; keystrokes.

Simple Development
Making a simple window and field, running a window; hypertext editing.

Primitive Structures and Utilities
The "cu" array and other M variables; variable scoping rules; utility read; pop-up menu; paging text lister; callable modules and methods.

Event Processing
Fetch transformation; expose event; validation, put transformation; lost focus event; window controls and events; debugging; the CyberTools Flow Chart (what happens when).

Complex Fields
Table/dictionaries; LAYGO; menus and buttons; GUI issues; non-scalar fields representation in multiples, groups, and occurrences.

Message Passing
Concepts; syntax; non-scalar issues; across windows; within super windows.

Principles; hypertext editing; extended help; hypertext windows; printing; integrating with other systems.

Style inheritance; object/data dictionary; extending baseline windows; super windows as large objects; inside/out applications.

Exporting and importing; system tables; devices; printing; language tables; multiple national languages.


Registration and Fees
On-site training, no maximum limit on participants: daily training fee, plus trainer travel expenses. Additional travel day charge for longer distance travel requiring >3 hour flight time. Training includes up to four hours free post-training support. VISA and Mastercard accepted. Training is available to trial and fully licensed CyberTools developers. Need more information?
Call us at 978.772.9200.

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Training Seminar Outline
I. Building Visual Systems: What You Need to Know

II. General Technology Trends

III. CyberTools' Direction

IV. Overview of CyberM

V. CyberTools Primitives and Callable Modules

VI. Singular Fields, Transformations, and Validations
-Application Level Error Processing
-Window Calls from a Field
-Introduction to the Object Library

VII. Window Level Objects & Processing
-Other Window Objects
-Window Attributes
-Window Level Processing
-The CyberM Flow-Chart and Demo.

VIII. Window Modes

IX. Mulitple Fields

X. Groups

XI. Window Run-Time Operators

XII. Table Fields: Pointers, Dictionaries, Cross References
-Learn-As-You-GO = LAYGO

XIII. Menu Fields:
-As Menu Driver
-Plain Menus
-Toggle Buttons: Radio Buttons/Check Boxes
-Push Buttons
-Action Bars
-Cascading Menus

XIV. Application Environments
-Option Tables
-Application Keys
-Libraries (Code-to-Text)

XV. Hypertext

XVI. Final Points
-Compiling a Window Series
-System Tables
-Object Library

Many training sessions work best when your development team applies CyberTools skills by building applications during the training course. Contact us about customizing your next training session according to your needs and learning style.

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Participant Testimonials
Comments from 2-Day Sessions:
"My compliments for a most professional presentation. The topic I found most useful was placing CyberTools, Inc. and its products in an industry perspective and your focus on software engineering vs. programming. This was an opportunity to think about how your vision fits with the state of computing, and I liked what I heard."

"I came to the class with absolutely no understanding of M Technology or CyberTools. I can honestly say that, 2 days later, I have a good basic understanding of CyberTools and picked up some M code. Good job!"

"I just wanted you to know that I really enjoyed the class! It was very useful to me as a programmer just cutting my teeth on CyberM. The validation stuff was most helpful as well as the cyupop stuff and the table pointer stuff. The multiple fields was really good too. I came back to work and started using things you showed us right away. As far as improving, I don't know how you could improve the 2-day course other than by making it longer."

"As always, I appreciated CyberTools' enthusiasm and presentation."


Comments from 4-Day Sessions:
The GUI topics were great. The demos were so interesting! What a well-designed approach! I enjoyed this time and am convinced that I got something substantial out of it."

"The entire seminar was very useful, something I can't often say for training programs I've participated in. Thanks very much. The presentation was well-delivered and to the point."

"I found that I learned things and integrated my general programming knowledge in ways I'm not sure I would have learned anywhere else...this is the best training experience I've ever had."

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